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Did you know that there are more than 1000 parasites which can infect humans? And that the vast majority don't show up on tests because most labs only test for a limited number of? strains (like 50)? Not only that... many exhibit no symptoms or the symptoms are often mistaken for something else...
Not much research is being done on parasite-related disease. The U.S. spends nearly $1,000,000,000 (One Billion Dollars!) on cancer research. All the nations in the world combined spend less than one twentieth that amount studying parasitic diseases. From the Cancer research, one thing is agreed upon?toxins and poisons in the body cause chronic irritation of tissues which results in cancer (Candida releases 75 toxins into the bloodstream?see page on Candida Over-Proliferation). Almost all books written (by what the medical profession calls "quacks") about alternative therapies claim that cancer can be cured by cleansing the body and ridding it of parasites and toxins. In other words, once the tissues stop being irritated by excessive quantities of toxins in the blood, the cancer not only stops proliferating, but may actually disappear if the treatment is started In time. [Note that the medical profession attempts to treat cancer by introducing more toxins to the body.

It is known that a high intake of refined foods, particularly sweets, which supply little or no nutrients, causes individuals to become susceptible to pinworms and candida which thrive on sugar. The constant supply of food along with the temperature of the human body creates perfect growing conditions for a great variety of parasites. Normally, these parasites are kept under control by a vitally acting immune system. This equilibrium decreases with age but may be disturbed by the host for a variety of reasons. In time, the parasites will gain the upper hand and the host will become more and more prone to disease. There are many causes for disruption of the equilibrium to the host and outside causes must be considered as well (pollution, food-borne bacteria, environmental toxins, etc.) It is impossible to avoid all situations that could lead to a parasitic infection but every effort should be made to maintain normal stomach acid which destroys many parasites obtained from food.

Therapy often consists of antibiotics (anti=against and bio=life) the drawback being twofold: First, the composition of the intestinal flora is changed from ?pro-biotic? resulting in digestion problems, alteration of the environment, decrease of physiological biocides, proliferation of fungi such as candida, and irritation of the colon-associated immune system. Second is the formation of antibiotic-resistant germs. There are two trains of thought on the matter of cancers, HIV, and other diseases for which modern medicine has yet to find a cure:

1) Modern medicine has the means to cure disease by introducing toxic and potent drugs which are foreign to the physiology of any living being or surgically remove the diseased and dying organ; or

2) We can harness the healing power of the body by removing the source of irritation, and provide nutrients to build healthy new cells. By stimulating it with oxygen and naturally occurring substances found in pollutant-free, steroid-free, hormone-free, organically-grown foods and herbs?healing occurs naturally. Which method do you prefer?

Para-Mune is a broad-range, non-specific working antibiotic based on vegetable oils, ozone and medicinal plants. The base substance is produced from olive oil and castor oil in a special process which avoids the formation of toxic peroxides, the effective substance being called ?long chain ozonide? (LCO). In a recent study, Para-Mune was proved to be non-mutageneous, a very important result because LCO is a convenient means for treatment of many infections. Para Mune does not attack the mitochondria of the human cells, so that the energy metabolism is unaffected. This therapy is especially effective against anaerobic living organisms of all kinds.

Para-Mune acts as a fungicide to Candida and is toxic to bacteria species, especially those growing in anaerobic media like clostridium. Para-Mune is an oily liquid which may be used as such on the skin. If used on the mucosa or internally it must be mixed with water. Only one side effect is known: LCO is able to enhance the oxidation burst of lymphocytes. If an inflammation is already present, it will be intensified. As an indicator for the existence of an inflammation, use one drop of Para-Mune in water. If any pain is noted, it could mean the existence of some trouble of which you and your doctor may be unaware. Due to its oily consistency and perfect absorption (wetting) properties, Para-Mune is able to penetrate small wrinkles of the skin and of the mucosa, even in the intestine. Mixed with water, it creates an emulsion which is stable for some hours, time enough to penetrate the intestine. It is able to wet surfaces whereas powders and hydrophobic substances cannot.

Skin fungi, eczema: Pure oil or mixed with water for 3 weeks to 3 months of daily application. Nail fungi: Wet area with pure oil 3 to 6 months or longer depending on persistence.

Mouth, throat, tonsils, gums: Mix with water and use as a mouthwash/gargle then swallow.
Sinuses: Inhale from a hot water pot or apply directly in nasal passage with cotton swab.
Vaginal Yeast: Water mixture may sting but after a couple of days, stinging will lessen due to healing. Should do the cleanse for gut and colon as well.
Intestine: Para-Mune works against flatulence causing fungi as well as putrefactive bacteria and parasites in the colon. Dosage varies from 1 drop in water 3X daily to 15 drops in water 3X daily. Para-Mune draws the pH of the colon down to 6.5 and relieves constipation due to its oily properties.
Colon: Best done by giving enema using 100 drops Para-Mune in 4 oz water.

A low concentration of oxygen must always exist in the colon. Oxygen declines from the stomach all the way down to the colon, but must never reach zero. In this case, strictly anaerobic bacteria such as clostridia will proliferate, producing toxic metabolic substances such as amonia, biogene amines, sulfur compounds, mutageneous and cancer promoting substances. If the small intestine is overgrown by bacteria from the colon, the bile acids are no longer resorbed in the lower part of the small intestine, thus penetratng into the colon where they are going to be transformed into carcinogenic substances by strictly anaerobic bacteria. High numbers of clostridia are not to be tolerated and should always be regarded as potent creators of toxins. The microbiologic analysis of the stool sheds most light on the state of the intestine.


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