About Naturally Perfect

Naturally Perfect is a leading formulator and manufacturer of customized nutritional supplements for 21 years. We produce top quality vitamin and nutritional supplements for your nutritional wellbeing to help you achieve a fuller, healthier lifestyle.

About Keith Morey, President SGS Research Inc.

Keith Morey is President of SGS Research, headquartered in Laguna Niguel, California.

For the last two decades, Keith has been researching innovative ways to combat the underlying cause of illness in our society. He has personally helped thousands of individuals to achieve a superior quality of life.

Keith Morey has spent the past 21 years as a formulator, manufacturer, and distributor of high profile, quality nutrient products, in the multi-billion dollar per year vitamin, mineral, and supplement industry with natural substances of great import; some of which are new to the mass marketplace.

A sixty-year-old Orange County native who became a victim of metal poisoning young in life due to his job in the family-owned heavy manufacturing business. After years of suffering and searching for answers and cures, he was guided to MSM (biological sulfur).  His health improved dramatically and he literally became a new person.

Keith's attention began to move toward researching natural substances, not only for his own health issues and those of his family, but for the health of others as well.  After witnessing the remarkable effects of these life-restoring nutrients, it wasn't long before Keith became one of the strongest advocates of alternative treatment through the use of proper nutritional supplements. He then began diligently studying all facets of health and nutrition and soon opened his own nutritional supplement company.  This development placed Keith in close association and professional contact with some of the finest alternative and traditional doctors, biochemists, and raw material suppliers in the world.

One of Keith's first marketing decisions was to instigate, produce, and host a daily radio program entitled “Journey to Good Health”, broadcast worldwide via short wave, satellite, and the Internet.  Each show includes an interview with a noted professional guest.  Through the years, this has added to Keith's very broad and detailed knowledge of how important proper nutrition is to the mind and body as well as discovering virtually all of the alternative protocols and avenues of health available today to us all.

Through his own-guided formulations, Keith has launched a unique product line. The effectiveness of the substances and their combined results are so outstanding. He launched Naturally Perfect trade name along with “Live, Thrive, Inspire” as a slogan. Keith proudly states, “We strive to live the healthiest we can be, when we do, we Thrive, and then we are Inspired to pass it on to others.”

Hope for the future?  Keith relates that, "While I'm not completely altruistic, if I had to make a simple choice between the entire world population feeling and looking good with a great extended average life expectancy or me being one of the wealthiest people on the planet, I'd take the first choice."

As a result, SGS Research maintains the stance that a properly nourished person who takes good care of their body can feel and look great, which will lead to a very extended life span.